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20 day holiday around peak training time

Hi everyone,

I will be doing IM in Italy Sept. 22. However, I have a family holiday from July 24 - Aug 7, give or take a day for flight to and from Vietnam.

While there, I will not have my bike. I should be able to run and swim as occasion permits. There may also be one or two days that I might be able to rent a local bike. May not get the best performance machine but if I can pedal, it's better than nothing.

My question is how should I go about my training. Was thinking to peak my training just before leaving. Some easy training during the 20 days away. Then try to get back into form quickly (if that is possible) before tapering. Will I be able to get back into form in 2-3 weeks before tapering?

I'm just looking to finish the race (sub 15h is my goal). Currently can swim 4k in 1:35, bike 27km/h (longest bike so far about 4h, 100km), and run about 5:20/km. Longest run so far about 2h.

Any suggestions?


  • khaisonkhaison Posts: 3

    No suggestions huh?

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    I'd try to keep my swimming and running volumes up.  As you say, if you can rent a bike you get do the same work, it may not be as fast, but you can peg your efforts on HR and time and get a decent enough work out in.

    It seems like this would be a good opportunity for you to really focus on swimming a lot, i.e. getting in 60-90 minutes every other day (early in the morning if you have to) and similarly building some run volume and perhaps trying to get in 2-3 long runs and then 4 or 5 shorter runs.  If you can keep run volume up (at a slow pace to avoid injuries) and include plenty of swimming you won't lose a lot of cardiovascular fitness and the extra R&R by avoiding work should leave you feeling refreshed. This should also give you a great chance to boost your swim fitness at technique.

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