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Roka Maverick Elite II tearing around arm decal

Recently purchased a Roka Maverick Elite II wetsuit from US. I'm reaching out to see if any others have experienced what appears to be a manufacturing fault on the right arm decal.

First wetsuit had tearing (on right arm only) around the red decal. New wetsuit was immediately dispatched when I shared the issue and images with them.

Second suit had no noticeable tears initially but a small tear immediately appeared (right arm again) along the red decal - despite putting the suit on with a great deal of care given the circumstances.

There is a noticeable difference in the appearance and stretchability around the right arm decal - there are no such issues on the left arm.

Roka tell me they have raised an investigation with their design team, but tried to fob me off on the second suit, claiming this was a finger tear when putting on the suit.

I've yet to swim in it. Case continues.

For the record, I've never torn a suit from putting it on and have done triathlon/open water swimming for 20 years.


  • To follow up from my previous message, I now have confirmation from Roka that they have a batch of suits with a manufacturing defect. So, if you purchased around the same time (end March early April) I'd give it good check over.

    3rd and hopefully final suit is on it's way to me. So I have a couple defective spares going cheap!

  • what size and price mate ?

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