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Hi All,

Just thought I'd make my first post here to say "Hi". I'm venturing in to the world triathlon in May. I've entered the Swansea Sprint Triathlon.

I'm absolutely bricking it - but relishing the challenge.

So I'm here - reading posts, articles etc - with the danger of reading too much.

I've started training in all three events -

Swimming - Back in the pool since Christmas after a very long layoff from swimming. I used to be a pool life guard etc so hope my swimming comes back pretty quickly. Technique seems to be my downfall. I've done a few 750m in the pool so am confident that I can last that distance.

Bike - Since Christmas I have been attending watt bike classes. I had to give up for a few weeks as I came to the end of my marathon training (final Marathon on 29th April). SO will be going back the week after.

Run - Well I can run. Not fast, but hopefully can concentrate on getting faster instead of distance.

I have my tri and wet suit all ready. Just the nerves I need to sort out. Oh yes - my first open water swim in a long time.

Fingers crossed I enjoy it.




  • AngiemacAngiemac Posts: 40

    Some friendly advice:

    1) have a few swims of 1000m - an open water swim rarely comes out under 750m with wind and currents pulling you all over the place. It's good to have to confidence that you have that reserve in you if you need it. Try and swim in open water if you haven't already done so - it's a bit different to the pool - the first shock (after the temperature) is there is no wall to push off of.

    2) Get that bike on out the road! Indoor miles are one thing, but outdoor miles are better. I turbo train all winter and don't really appreciate how different it is outdoors until I get back out there in spring. A good friend of mine once told me to cycle twice the distance you plan to do in a triathlon to build up your stamina for the run.

    3) Practice transition - so much time can be lost if you don't know what you're doing and you'll kick yourself for it later.

    4) Most importantly - enjoy it. Forget times, just go out to complete it and you'll love it. Times can be for the second one. What ever you get in your first tri will be a PB anyway.

    Have fun

  • Hi 

    That's great advise, I am worried that at 57 I may be too old, but really want to have a go at triathlons. I have always cycled so pretty confident there, it's the open swim and run, then is daunting. I have been fitted into my running shoes, with cushioning, as I have had two operations on my lower back,but I am not letting that stop me. .I am doing a novice training day, hopefully everything I learn I can practice until confident to do my first triathlon. Although I expect to come last

  • I didn't start Triathlon until I was 53/54 two years in I love the training and the testing myself during a race. I know I will never be a world champion (I am quite slow at swimming) but that's not why I do it. Its just good fun and although there are some people who are mega serious nearly all the people I have met are really helpful and friendly. So go for it and enjoy 

  • annlonieannlonie Posts: 2

    You're never too old to start triathlon!  Definitely recommend practising some open water swimming if your triathlon is not a pool based one and on the day, hang back and stay to the side at the start of the swim so you've got your own space.

    Agree it can be great fun especially if you don't take it seriously (not knocking those that do but having fun and the challenge of completing is enough for most of us).  

  • Thank you everyone for the advice on my questions. Apologies for not getting back into here sooner to reply. I didn't read everything and take on board. It all paid off yesterday when I completed my first Triathlon at Swansea in a time of 1:37:30. I'm not sure how that compares but I was chuffed to bits with it and have come away with plenty to focus on.

    Individual replies below:

    @AngieMac - thank you for the advice. Apologies for not getting back here sooner. Since writing the original post, I've done a few open water swims and managed to relax after my second sea swim. I've also swam a few times in a closed dock. All helped. Yesterday was my first deep water dock - and that brought some nerves but I soon calmed down. Learning to trust a wetsuit is tough - but once you realise you can float then it's a lot easier. I've done a few rides now and yes it is different. That was my favourite bit of the whole course. Transition was fun. As a first timer I was very nervous of the race referee's that were watching everything. Maybe too nervous. I did get confused coming out of the water into T1. Just couldn't focus as my brain was fuzzy and slightly dizzy. Finally (your point 4) - I enjoyed every minute and didn't stop smiling.


    @Debbie - Well done. I hope it's all going well.

    @Andrew - That's great. I hope I can keep going that long.

    @annlonie - Seems not. I thought 43 was old to start.


    So now I am looking for improvements at every level.


    Thanks again everyone,







  • AngiemacAngiemac Posts: 40

    Well done Gareth! The referees are there to help you. Yes they will have a chat if there is something wrong, but only give you a penalty if you've done something really, deliberately wrong. Guess you're hooked now.

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