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Travel to Ironman New Zealand

Hello, first time post here so I hope someone can offer advice! My fiancee and I are all but set on travelling out to do IM New Zealand as part of our honeymoon.

However, I'm particularly nervous of travelling with bikes considering all the horror stories you hear (Joe Skipper at Wanaka the other year for example!!). It's not ideal that we'll never have flown with bikes before as we've always hired on other holidays.

For those of you that have been to events in that part of the world, can you share who you travelled with and how you dealt with you bikes? Any advice will be much appreciated!! I have searched the forum but only found a couple of comments on IM NZ... if I missed something please let me know and I'll search again.


  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280

    The main problem with flying anywhere and taking your bike is that different airlines have different rules and costs for taking your bike.

    I've flown to Auckland NZ with my bike,flying with Emirates, they allowed 30kg luggage, so for me and my wife, the allowance was 60kg. If your bike comes within that total allowance which mine did there was no added cost.

    I flew to Hawaii in 2016 and Chattanooga in 2017 with Delta Airlines .It was going to cost me $150 each way to take my bike so I opted to rent a bike instead. It was brilliant to travel hassle free without the bike.  I pre booked a rental bike for  Hawaii cheaper than taking my own bike out but it wasn't brilliant spec but the rented bike in Chattanooga was a top spec unridden Quintana Roo PR5 but that did cost more but well worth it.

  • Polo1272Polo1272 Posts: 2

    Thanks. Trouble is, we both want to do the race so the standard luggage allowance just wont be enough.

    I considered hiring but can't find too much on offer in New Zealand. Any suggestions on this line are welcome too!

  • miral45873ZaW8S-jhmiral45873ZaW8S-jh Posts: 11
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