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I have just completed a turbo brick session & set off on my run on zone 1 very comfortably, my heart rate remained in zone 1 (sometimes entering no zone) for 3-4 minutes then it shot up to a heart rate of 158 which is getting close to the top end of my zone 2 even though I wasn't putting anymore effort in, the terrain was the same and I as running at the same pace & really comfortable! My heart rate then went into the bottom end of my zone 3 (164) but again I wasnt changing my pace. I'm frustrated and confused. I really want to train using heart rate zones as i have heard so many good things about it and i'm training for a half ironman but I just feel like its not working.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Tracey, hope you are enjoying your training. Looks like you are being very thorough.

    There are significant issues with pacing by heart rate and that's even before issues of zone setting. Heart rate can vary considerably for the same pace or effort level. Causes can include dehydration, glycogen depletion, air temperature, fatigue level, mild virus or just because. Sometimes the heart simply decides to pump less per beat so more beats per minute are required for a given workload. That is why for cycling power metres are the gold standard and many swim and run coaches now work on paces rather than HR zones. But if HR is all you've got then use the zones but don't expect perfect consistency but balance with how you feel and pace.

    So first off don't worry too much about the readings from your brick session and see what happens next time.

    Hope this helps
  • Is the time it takes for your heart rate to raise any different than the first few mins of a 30 mins run?

    If your only doing 5-10 min runs you cant really train using heart rate

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