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First Triathlon

I've just started training for my first triathlon - terrified but full of excitement. 

I'm a regular runner and cyclist so I decided to go for an Olympic length one in the cotswolds for fun - got to love those hills! Minor problem - I'm a sucky sucky swimmer..... something I did not take into account when selecting my triathlon :/

Currently I'm able to swim maybe 250m freestyle without stopping gasping for breath so feeling a little intimidated by the swim. I have 9 weeks left to train, giving myself 1 week to taper down on race week.

Currently I'm spending 5hrs a week attempting to better my swimming, broken into roughly 45min groups per day. I'm putting about 4hrs a week into my bike and 2hrs into my run. I've also got 1 weights session and 1 yoga session a week in the plan. I've planned a recovery week into training every 3-4 weeks and I also take Monday as my rest day every week.

Any advise for a newbie trying to do better?

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