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Legs have run off

I am writing this for a friend. He has been a runner for over 40yrs doing marathons etc. Recently he has started doing triathlons and he is now struggling to run not just as part of the event but running in general. I know that some runner do see a change when doing Tri???s with their running but he is starting to worry. Does anyone have any advice on how to help either with training, pre or post runs or anything else. All help with be greatly appreciated.


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Suzie, do you know what your friend's current and pre-tri run training is and was? What is his age?

    The mechanics of running and cycling are different. Running uses legs as springs and cycling as levers. Cycling requires far more leg strength than running. 40+ years of running puts him into his late 50's or 60's and at that age it is very hard to build muscular strength.

    I suspect that the cycling is tiring your friends legs and they may not be adapting very quickly and this weakening is having an effect on his running.

    I suggest a twin track approach: Firstly cut out the running and let it rebuild very slowly, just like a beginner. Secondly do some strength work such as squats and dead-lifts.

    Hope this helps
  • Thank you for that. I appreciate it.
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