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Taper for first Ironman 70.3

Hey everyone, So my first 70.3 will be 2 weeks from now - June 10 at Eagleman in Cambridge, MD. Originally, I was supposed to have my last long brick session this weekend breforw beginning the taper. Unfortunately, life got in the way, and I was not able to do that last, long brick as planned. This was going to be a sort of ???test??? of preparedness for the race. I will not have time to get this session in again until next Sunday, which will be one week out from the race. So my questions are, would you try and get that last brick in next Sunday, a week before the race? I feel as though if I took it pretty easy that week, I could recover in time for the event. I do have a solid base and am confident that I will finish the race (assuming no disasters or injuries). However I do have a goal of under 7 hours for my first one, and would like to feel confident in beating this. So is one week enough time to taper adequately? I???ve been training consistently 4-5 months. Come from a pretty strong athletic background for years. If you would advise against the long brick a week out from the race, what would you focus training on over these next two weeks? Traveling all next weekend and will be fairly time restricted from Friday morning until Sunday afternoon/evening. Just want to make sure I maximize these next two weeks before the race, yet recover adequately to perform my best. I greatly appreciate all advise and input! Thanks


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    If you have a training plan then stick to it. If you miss a training session for whatever reason then leave it missed. One session missed will not ruin things but trying to catch up often does.

    If you don't have a plan then I'd suggest doing the brick but only do 60% of its volume
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