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Newbie on board

Hi team,

I'm Thomas, 34 and a true sport pundit. As a child I did competitive swimming, basketball. Later on switched to rugby, Gaelic footie and recently picked up running again. This summer I decided to work on a project, swim 4 km so three times a week I'm working on that in the pool. Two endurance sessions and one technique session. 

While attending college I did do my own version of triathlons. I started with a refreshing 10-12 km run in the morning, followed a 2 km swim and then went on mountain biking in the nearby forest. 

As I biking and running aren't really an issue and because I'm working on my swimming I started to consider participating in a 1/16 or 1/8 marathon.

Hence I joined this forum to get as much input as possible.

I prefer to do a short distance first, so I can enjoy the moment and be sure to make it to the end.






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