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shoulder injury training for IM

Hi folks, 
I'm set on training for an Ironman event (10 months time) and i have reservations on the swim part of the event.

I've suffered from multiple dislocations of both left & right shoulders for past 10 years and this has always been my excuse for not attempting an ironman.

Ive had 3 anterior stabilisation operations, restricted movement in shoulders and a lot of dislocations since the operations, but, my shoulders are strong in terms of shoulder press/raise exercises. 

In terms of general fitness, I'm a strong runner, moderate cyclist and was once a strong swimmer (before shoulder injuries) 


has anyone had similar injuries restricting their swimming and if so, how did you overcome such issues? 

Im open to swimming training/coaching - anything really that'll get me through the swim and allow me achieve my goal


Many thanks for time folks, 




  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Scott, not an ideal situation but it wouldn't be a challenge if it was easy. I've not had your problems so I hope you don't mind me making some suggestions.

    As a strong swimmer you should have good technique but are maybe lacking in fitness and but do know how to train. A coach may be a good idea but consider persuading a physio to join you pool side to look at movement patterns and come up with strengthening work so you can train. Then keep your training conservative and accept that you will be slower than at your best on race day. That is put swim training into survival mode.

    Use the time released by the reduced swimming to change your cycling from moderate to strong. You may loose a couple of minutes on your swim but will save many times that on the bike.

    Like the rest of us - do what you can

    hope this helps
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