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2011 Trek Concept 7.5

Good morning. First off, I am new to this forum and fairly new to multi sport world. Quick run down for me. I've been into the multi sport since roughly feb 2017. did my first 5k race in june 2017 (19:52). First tri in aug 2017, then another in sept 2017. 10k (39:35) in nov 2017. another 5k in april 2018 (18:35). since then time has been hard to come by with the birth of second child in april. i have been unable to get into the water at all so am sticking with duathlons this year since i have been able to stick with the running and biking. im hooked on tris. i bought an entry level road bike (trek series 1) last year to get me started not knowing if it was something i'd stick with or not. i have seen quite an improvement on the bike this summer, and also done a ton of reading about road bikes vs tri/TT bikes. i feel if i were to get on a tri/TT bike my numbers would be even better. my question is, is a 2011 trek concept 7.5 outdated, not worth it, etc? any opinions, comments would be greatly appreciated. i have a sprint, olympic, and half ironman planned out for next year, and hopefully a full ironman the year after. i would def expect to upgrade a bike by 2020, but wonder if this deal i found on craigslist is worth jumping on now for the 2011 concept 7.5?


thank you

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