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Hi All, I'm signed up to the Monster Middle this Sunday (70.3) but strained both of my quads 2 weeks ago - played a football match for the first time in a long time which started them off, then sprinted down a hill at the end of a 15k run and they both went. Couldn't run, was very painful to walk, doctor confirmed it was strains rather than tears. Have hardly trained the past 2 weeks, but everything went well before this. Right leg seems fine, left still a little sore but no pain when cycling, will try a small jog today. I wasn't planning to 'race' this one anyway, just get the distance under my belt en route to full ironman next year. So is it a bad idea to just do it and take it easy? Bit of background, this is my third tri, did Olympic last Sept, London Marathon in April and Leeds Sprint in July so have a good base fitness. Thanks!
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