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Newbie Wetsuit

Looking for some advice on my first tri wetsuit please. I fully intend to try some on but wanted a steer first in a market with lots of options! I'm an ex-national swimmer so wondered what I should be looking for in terms of suit. I plan to spend up to £200 as I don't want to spend too much if I don't enter many triathlons.

I've seen terms like 'natural swimmer', 'higher leg position' and 'greater buoyancy' but aside from when manufacturers explicitly state that their wetsuit is for an intermediate or experienced swimmer, I'm a bit confused.

Thanks for any advice.


  • BeldoBeldo Posts: 3

    Hi, just purchased a FITsuit from FITsports and its perfect. Very flexible which helps your good well coached stroke, and very fast in transition which would also help you as a beginner. Website is www.frequencyintensitytime.com.

  • ColShiColShi Posts: 6

    The new season suits usually land around February time from the various brands (usually a 2 year cycle for each incarnation!). The Orca S6 (will be S7 this season) is a very good and robust entry level suit. However if you're an ex-swimmer then you would probably be more suited to something like like their Equip. The HUUB Axiom or the Zone3 Aspire are also good options in that category. Good luck!!!



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