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Argon or Canyon

I'm thinking of upgrading my Boardman 9.4 TT and am looking at an Argon or Canyon,not sure which,any ideas?


  • Argon. Canyon have a monsterous cash deficit which is why a year or so ago they didnt have any bikes...there is only so long they can be bankrolled. 

  • I cant comment on canyon, but I have an Argon E119 tri, I love it, changed from a cervelo P5 a couple of years ago, it was the best thing I ever did, I never got on with the P5 & found the handling to be too "disconected", the argon handles just like my road bike & is sure footed and predictable. The only downside is that the front end (bars etc) is all intergrated so its a bit of a pain to travel with (& I am a bike mechanic so I dont have a problem doing it but somthing to consider), so if I had to buy another tomorrow Id be tempted to go for the lower model (e117) as it comes apart much easier & I seriously doubt Id be any slower on it, just dosnt quite look as bling. Hope this helps, happy buying


  • MgalexMgalex Posts: 28

    I have used my Argon E-118 for several years of time trials and love it.

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