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Canyon Aeroad vs Giant Propel

Hi All,

Hoping for some help and advice.

I'm looking to upgrade my bike, main use would be commuting (nice weather), general riding and for Tri's from sprint upwards with clip on bars.

Currently looking at the Giant Propel Advanced Pro 1 and the Canyon Aeroad CF SLX 8.0. Both Ultegra, aero wheels included and 2018 model so a decent discount.

Has anyone got either (or both) and could advise one way or the other?




  • dt177dt177 Posts: 1

    Hi CDebonnaire,

    just found this post 2 years back, 'cause having the same question now. I'm thinking of between these two with Di2 ultegra set. Now I've a Rose Xlite crs with some DT wheels that I'd keep using on.

    So did you buy try, compare these two meanwhile? Any experience would be welcomed. When looking around on the net the main essence for me was (beside both are great gears) that Aeroad is more aggressively built (geometry).

    Thx, Tom

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