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Weymouth 70.3 2018 - Injury

Hi everyone,

I'm doing my first 70.3 in Weymouth in 1.5 weeks time. My training was going great and was feeling good about doing a time in the region on 5h40m (45 min swim, 3hr bike, 1h45m run + transitions).

Unfortunately I started feeling a lot of pain in my knees on a race pace 80k ride 1.5 weeks ago, so exactly 3 weeks out. Did a 20 min run after, it felt better when running but still not great.

Had an ice bath, took a week off running and cycling, did a lot of stretching - no noticeable improvement.

Have seen a physio who has said that my knee is fine (no ligament, cartilage or bone damage, phew) but that my calves, hammies, quads and glutes are all incredibly tight, full of knots and will be pulling on the ligaments around my patella, causing pain.

I'm now doing loads of foam rolling on the offending muscles, have booked a massage - trying to do anything to get across that finish line.

Does anyone have any experience of nursing injuries through a race? I'm hoping that 3 weeks off in total with lots of rehab will get me to the start line feeling fresh. Does anyone have experience of 3 weeks of non-activity prior to a race like this?

I'm worried that I'll lose a bit of fitness, but am thinking it's better to start underprepared but injury free rather than carrying a knock?

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