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Evening guys, hope you???re all well! I???ve signed up for next years Staffordshire IronMan 70.3 which will be my first ever triathlon. I ran the London Marathon a couple of years ago and use the gym near enough every day however I know this is nothing in comparison to the Triathlon! Is there any sites which help with training plans etc? Also, I need to buy a bike.... I???m looking to spend ??200/300, any recommendations? Thanks!


  • I would definitely try and compete in some Olympic triathlons as part of your preparation. 

    I am also trying to find a plan for my first 70.3 but it will be different for everyone depending on time/life/work/strengths etc

    looking at training peaks but there is ALOT of programs and its all a bit too much. If i find something will let you know




  • Hi MattFlynn, I am a Lincolnshire boy living in New Zealand, my very first triathlon was the 2015 Taupo 70.3, I only learnt to swim 6 months before the race, since then I have completed 4 70.3's and 4 full IM's, I would recommend plenty of open water training, and also running off the bike so you are not jelly legs on race day. I am certainly on expert, these are just a couple of things I worked on. Best of luck with the event.

  • StanStan Posts: 3

    I’d say as it’s your first triathlon then i wouldn’t spend loads as you’ll probably end up loving it and then spending loads on the next one you do when you feel more confident. Decathlon is a great place to start as they do some competitive road bikes that will sort you out. There are quite a few training plans on line and unless you’re going for a specific time, it’s  just about getting the distances in and feeling good .


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