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Junior wetsuit for skinny child

Morning all, 

My daughter is 10 and is very skinny (height 150cm/ chest 65cm/ waist 65cm/ Hips 69cm). We are taking part in an open water event next year where the water is likely to be 12-15oC, so she needs a wetsuit. We have also just relocated to the coast and are hoping to keep swimming in the sea over the autumn/ winter. We have tried a few wetsuits, but they have all been rather baggy on her arms and chest. Do any of you have any recommendations of brands that we could try please? It doesn't *have* to be a triathlon wetsuit, but more mobility in the shoulders than a surf wetsuit would be preferable. Thanks in advance, Clare


  • we've used the zone 3 childrens suit with my skinny 10 year old boy for training and races last year. the cuffs and ankle area is really stretchy so you could go a size down to get the fit across the chest and pull up. we've found the fit to be pretty good although it is still a little loose across the chest.



  • he's the one with the goggles on the forehead! 

    I see they've got it on sale at amazon https://amzn.to/2CaBmXJ


  • Good suit alright Sue. Got one for my daughter from these guys and their advice was great! https://athlostriathlon.com/triathlon
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