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4x IM World Champ Chrissie Wellington Interview

Good afternoon everyone!! We had the coolest interview with Chrissie Wellington on the podcast that went live yesterday. I've been doing Tri's for awhile (11 IMs/4 times Kona) and always respected her talent. But the chance to speak with her in such detail took things to a new level. She shared some great tips (I've been using in my workouts a few times already), opened up about her struggles with eating disorders, and just expressed so much JOY in how she goes about life. 

Anyway - thought you might enjoy. This link allows you to listen directly or to access iTunes if that's easier: https://www.catalystcoachinginstitute.com/catalyst-coaching-podcast/

I know I sometimes click into old threads, so if you're seeing this thread after February of 2019, it's listed as the February 21st, 2019 episode. 


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