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Environmentally doing more

HI all. I am a 27 year old UK based triathlete (and part-time eco warrior) looking to garner some support for an idea.

I love the sport of triathlon. It gives so much, and I guess we can probably agree one of the biggest positives is having three different sports to train and numerous opportunities to get out and explore/lose yourself in nature.

But there is always a nagging feeling at some of the events I do that despite bringing together some of the fastest and healthiest people who are probably passionate about being outdoors, we continue to put on very wasteful events with numerous instances of single use items replicated for thousands of competitors at every race. 

I about to begin to contacting some of the biggest event companies, starting with Ironman, that we as competitors would like to see more sustainable and eco friendly events being put on. More recyclable materials, and less waste. 

There are countless new materials being produced that will replace many of the single use options which are currently used. The big brands need to understand that we as a community are not going to desert racing, its something we love, but together we need to do more. 

Once I have their attention I want to have a number of good suggestions of ways to help reduce waste/help the environment. I have a number already, but I would love to have some other input. Comments welcome

Alone you are but a ripple, together we can turn the tide.

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