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road cycling shoes vs triathlon cycling shoes



I have my first season of racing this year & I'm wondering whether having triathlon specific cycling shoes offer many more advantages over normal road cycling shoes?


thanks in advance




  • MartinH2MartinH2 Posts: 19

    Hi Andrew

    If you are comfortable with your bike shoes and in your first season I´d suggest you stick with what you have.

    Triathlon specific shoes can be good/better if you´re looking for a fast T1 by clipping your shoes to the pedals and running off, mounting then slipping into them (and the reverse into T2). On the other hand, there are plenty of peole who do this with bike shoes more than adequately.

    This obviously needs a lot of practice and confidence and I´d suggest you are better focussing on the training and getting this right before investing in shoes that may not offer you much more than you already have!

    Hope that helps


  • MgalexMgalex Posts: 28

    I've been thinking this one through as a soon-to-be triathlete. I have road shoes Specialized with wire and dial fastening.

    As far as I can see and I've been practicing, if you get on the bike and start moving without shoes on, (we all had flats once on our BMX or Chopper right?) then, as the big boys do, put the shoe on, I can't see more than a couple of seconds difference. we can all get up to speed without shoes on.    As far as entering T2 is concerned, surely the reverse is true, whilst stretching those legs, loosten the straps.  I don't know if there are any safety rules in relation to loose flapping about straps.  I've noticed that there are a lot of rules!


    From one newbie to another, Good luck

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