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Hi, we recently had the opportunity to hire the whole pool for our (Weald) Tri Club training. Usually we have half the pool and filming is not allowed. Having the whole pool allowed us coaches to film everyone in turn and to help the swimmers identify areas to work on. It was really interesting to see the difference between what you think you are doing and what you are actually doing!! 

I particularly wanted to see how my technique held up when I pushed the pace and how quickly my recent attempts to improve my rotation went out the window!

I've had a go at putting it all into a Youtube vlog here. Please excuse my poor editing skills - I'm even more of a novice vlogger than I am a swimmer!


Anyway since the filming I've been working hard at maintaining good form when swimming a bit quicker and have had a mini-breakthrough, finally splitting my 100s under 1:30. About 7 or 8 secs faster than this time last year.

I thought I'd say that if you ever get the chance to be filmed - however awkward you feel about seeing your faults, it's a great way to improve.


Kev Draper.

Head Junior Coach

Weald Tri Club.


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