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Hi Everyone, Advice wanted please I am 27 and currently building up my training for Ironman Wales this year. Last year I completed my first Ironman in Copenhagen. My current resting heart rate is 52-54bpm however this year when Im either runnning or climbing on the bike my Heart rate shoots to 190-195. I am using a Garmin chest HR monitor and in comparison to last year where I would say my Heart rate only really went to a 180max??? Any suggestions would be appreciated Thanks Dan


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425

    Has anything else changed since last year? Are you ill or have you been? Has your running or cycling moved up a level? What was your training history before Copenhagen? How is your health? Do you ever feel giddy when standing from siting or lying down or anything else not quite right? Do you check your HR when riding and running and does it climb progressively to your new max or does it spike?

    You should be getting reliable readings using a chest strap. If data is stored on Garmin Connect you can look back on last years training to see what you max was and you can also check your HR profile for your latest training.

    If you still have any concerns at all go and see your doctor. Be cautious

    At 27 years 190-195 is not unexpected. Think through the above questions and I think you'll answer your own question.
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