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My first half Ironman

I???ve got my first half Ironman in July. I???ve got a solid base of fitness and done a number of Olympic Triathlons. I want to be more structured in my training to make sure I am fully prepared for the step up. Does anyone have any advice or ideas on where to source a suitable training plan? Jon


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Try Matt Fitzgeralds book 80/20 Triathlon
  • MartinH2MartinH2 Posts: 19

    Hi Jon

    It depends whether you are asking about coaching or simply getting/following a plan.

    Plans are widely available and can help you simply by having a structure and routine to work to but are obviously not specific to you.

    If you mean coaching you are talking about something very different - a plan that is tailored to you and to your development towards your goal.

    Whichever way you decide to go, don´t expect instant results, reaching your potential in any aerobic sport is not a quick process - you should see results in your first season but to truly see what you can do it takes at least 2, and often 3-4 years of consistent (week after week of training without having the need to break this with recovery weeks, or longer) training - and this can, and should be done at low intensity.

    Hope that helps, and this may help put your training into perspective: https://mastersoftri.com/triathlon-effort-pyramid/


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