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Athletes we need your help!!!

Please see the story below and consider donating.  If youve ever been in a race, someone like Randall has kept you safe, and helped you make sure you made it back home to your family. 

Stating that Randall is an incredible, unselfish, and all around wonderful person doesnt begin scratch the surface of who he is as a person. A few years ago, he donated one of his kidneys, for no one in particular, and for no specific reason, other than he had an extra to give.

If youve ever wanted to pay someone in the racing community back but youve never been quite sure how, consider donating to this cause.  At this point, too much remains uncertain about his long term condition, but his life and his family's life will undoubtedly be changed forever.  His wife Adrienne has an incredibly challenging battle ahead of her.

Randall is still fighting for his life, and his family will need all the help it can get. Im hoping that by posting on a national website, and by reaching a mass audience, lots of small donations will make a big difference.  So please, give what you can.

Thank you




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