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Sprint triathlon leagues

Hi all been running for a while now but thinking of changing it about by doing some sprint triathlons . But I don't just want to do random ones I'd like to.do.it in a league. I'm in Southampton and wonder where to find on the internet thanks .


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    One Step Beyond do one using their sprint events in the East Midlands but don't know of any others. Not handy for where you are. May be worth checking other multi-event organisers and see what they do - thinking of the organisers of the Dorney Lakes ones.

    Otherwise looks like you may need to organise your own league. Would get more credibility if done through a club. Having organised a running club league my advice would be to keep it simple, simple scoring, not too many events with say maximum of 3 out of 5 possible events score to count and make it so that as many as possible get points. The year before i took over my running clubs league it was so complex with so many events that only 2 members actually scored the right mix of events, and there was only one point difference between the two who were rivals. Who won depended on who interpreted the rules and the initial award was overturned. The 2 ladies didn't get on at all before and it all left a horrible taste afterwards.
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