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HR struggles in the heat

Hi All

Just wondering if anyone else seems to suffer in the heat as much as I seem to do and if there are any strategies to try and improve things?

This year I have done 2 Half Irons and 2 Olympic Distance events and the 2 events I have done over the summer (1 of each), I feel have gone very poorly and I think its because I'm struggling with the increased temperatures, its the run that I'm disappointed with the most due to my HR being so high yet my pace being so poor even with another couple of months of training and on courses where PB’s are expected


For comparison, results from this year (few months ago):

Half Marathon PB = 01:29:20

10km PB = 41:20


Few months back:

Stafford 70.3 - Half Marathon = 01:46:40 on a hilly course (05:08/km @ HR avg 176)

Herts Tri - 10km = 46:32 on a hilly course and I twisted my ankle 2km in (04:40/km @ HR avg 156)



Farmoor 70.3 - Half Marathon = 01:51:25 on a flat course (05:19/km @ HR avg 175 but with lots of walking)

Dorney Lake Trip - 10km = 47:35 on a flat course (04:59/km @ HR avg 183)

On both these events, I feel like my vision has been going, I’ve been in an absolute state at the end, I feel sunburnt and think I may even have suffered from mild heatstroke during Farmoor.


Is this effect in higher temperatures a thing? Is there a way to effectively lower HR without basically walking/stopping completely? Or am I just overthinking it 


Looking to try and improve for Weymouth 70.3 and actually enjoy the run at a moderate pace.



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