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Woburn Abbey Closed Road Standard

I am taking part in the Woburn Abbey standard distance tri on Sunday 8th Sept.

The bike leg is 4 laps of the closed road loop. Can anyone advise whether I should use my TT bike or road bike? I can see from the route that there is a bit of a climb on the lap.

Any thoughts much appreciated!


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Emma, Good luck for Sunday.

    I've not done the course but from the map on the website there appear to be two hills. Fist a 20m climb over 750m to Milton Bryan and 30m over 750m from Tyrrels End.

    I'm not aware of your cycling ability but guessing from the fact you have a choice of bikes and on is a TT that you know what you are doing. I would certainly ride a TT on that route. You shouldn't lose much if any time on the climbs and will gain far more on the other sections which make up the vast majority of the bike route.

    Because of the 4 laps over 40km I would suggest working the hills a bit harder than than you do the flats but not too hard and certainly don't go into the red. Both hills appear to have descents so you should get a bit of recovery after each if you do go too hard.
  • Emma CEmma C Posts: 2

    Thanks for your advice Harry, much appreciated

  • Hi Emma, 

    In case you haven't seen it, there's now a course profile available in the Event Guide. I'm taking part on the Sunday, and trying to make a similar decision too.



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