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Training and Being Sick

I am new to triathlon, at least actually training and caring about it. I did a few as a kid for scouts but to me those don't count. I am doing a sprint in 6 weeks and I am 5 weeks into a very basic training program I found. It has been really good so far but I have been sick the last few days and have missed training. 

My thought was miss 1 or 2 days to recover, get better, and get back out there rather than try to fight through it and be sick longer and have crappy training. But here it is 4days! and i can't seem to get fully better but enough to get going. So do I pick up where I left off and redo last weeks training therefore lose 1 week of the incremental increases my program has me doing or do I pick-up where I should be like I never missed? 


Thank you for your insights. 

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