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Rolled my ankle after Ironman Wi check in. Now what?

So I live 90 min away from Madison, Wi. I have been training for this race for over a year. It is my first Ironman. I was taking my time packing all of my gear as I didn't want to miss anything. After I was all ready to leave, I hopped in the showe at 250. Then I had this terrible gut feeling. What if there is no check in on Saturday. I hurry up, load the car and I'm off. I want to stop at a gas station, but first I peak at the athletes guide. Sure enough, no check in saturday and check in closes in an hour 4o min. I go 10 over the whole way and I get there at 4:50. I'm the last person to check in. With a sense of relief I head back to my car to lock up my bike before the banquet. As I'm walking down the stairs with my bike in hand, I miss the final stair. Wearing my sandles with nothing to support me... my ankle rolls sideways. Immediately my eyes well up. I told myself I would leave fear and self doubt at home, but how can I possibly do 140.6 miles with my ankle twice its size. I limped to my car and locked my bike up. At the banquet, I asked a server for a bag of ice and applied it immediately. After the banquet, I drove to Walmart and bought two Ace Bandages. One is more of a compression sock and the other offers slightly more support. Also picked up Ibuprofen. Got back to the hotel room and iced more and elevated. The put on the compression sock. Woke up hours later with pain in my heal. I think the sock was too tight for too long as well as my foot was elevated too long. I took the sock off which offered some relief I have been taking the ibuprofen every few hours . So here I am. 26 hours away from the start to my first Ironman that I have dedicated my life to this past year with a rolled ankle and I am scared beyond belief. This ironman means so much more to me than just a race. Thanks for listening. -Justin Nothem
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