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2 week training

I want to increase my time in the saddle over the winter so have decided to bike to work even though it is 31km each way.

It takes me 80 mins at the moment with traffic lights etc. I was planning to just cycle for one week and then use the train the following week so i can swim and run, and then repeat.

I have never seen a training schedule that breaks training up like this. Is it a bad idea?

I may get used to cycling in and take it up full time and do my normal trianing aswell but that may be pushing 20 hours a week, which for me is a bit excessive


  • Most of the training schedules I have seen work on a day by day basis...it would be interesting to see how well it works with your seperate muscle groups being battered and recovering over longer periods of time - I would suggest trying it, if it turns out to not work then atleast its experiance.
  • The idea of working on a sinlgle discipline for a period and then switching is not that new, and has been done in bodybuilding for a while. The main difference here is that bodypart specialisation hits a number of different muscles at different times.

    What you are suggesting should be of benefit as long as it is not too much of an increase in what you are used to. If you push too hard, what you may find is that by the end of the week you are either at or approaching overtraining, and when you add on the additional stresses of running the following week, you may go over the edge.

    It is worth bearing in mind the 10% principle for increasing your overall weekly training amount, and maybe use the rides to/from work, as a replacement for your weekly long ride.

    Either way, good luck with it, and let us know what the results were like.

  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    be sure to post your results with this, maybe its not a bad idea.

    Worth the trying, looking forward to see if we should or not try it.
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