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Compression wear

Anyone have any info on compression wear? First of all shud it be worn during or after running. Which companies products are best? 2xu--skins--linebreak--cwx . Some claim to take off 6 minutes for a 3:30 marathon split and improve aching legs. All sounds good but are people using them?

I think 220 should do a review


  • I remember hearing that they only had a limited number of uses (30?) before they stop offering compression. I'm not sure how true this is though.
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Paula radcliffe, marathon world champ, she uses them a long time already. She combinesit with ice-baths after workout and 14 hours a night sleep.

    Wasn't Sindballe 'thunder bear' wearing them in hawaï??? Together with some of the top age-groupers?

    I suppose the risung usqe of these things won't go unnoticed by 220, so i thinkthey'll do something about it soon.
  • I use the short skins sometimes. I find them good for road running because they just seem to leave your legs less sore. I'm going to try either full length ones or else "paula" socks soon coz i've been suffering sore calves lately. A lot of people used themin the dublin marathon on monday too. I don't know do they make me any faster though!!! If I think they will they probably will........Its all in my head!! I'm slowly getting the acceptance that the only thing that will make me 6 mins faster in a marathon is hard, smart training....i've tried the easy ways to no avail!!

    I saw thunder bear in all the white compression gear in hawai too benny...i think that was as much for core temperature...idea that white attracts less light that skin color so therefor you should stay cooler covered in white than in nothing at all so long as the white stuff is cool...apparently.

    If anyone knows any other ideas for keeping core temp down let me know coz i'm trying to devise some plan coz i'm doing IM Lanza and am not used to hot weather!!!
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Hey trihard,

    I dont know if you ussually warm up before IM-events, but I've hear they are not such a good idea in very long eventsin hot weather.( also keep away from those hot pots of stew [:D]).

    Also, I heard in the german Live Ironman Hawaï report, that 'Thunder Bear' puts ice in those arm compression wear-like things and wearing them in white.

    Another thing, I think 2 years ago, a very hot antwerp 1/2 IM-race in Belgium, all elites were running, where possible, in the shadow. A lot of age-groupers didn't seem to think about this.
  • Dunno if you've seen this but if you go on to the magazine section of this website and click on next issue it lists compression wear as being in it. S o you should be getting all the info next month.
  • Compression clothing really can increase endurance and help to skim some time off. There's a special offer code for 220 forum member for 10% off: 220DEAL from www.evolutionsports.co.uk.

    If you have any technical questions, I'd be more than happy to answer them.

    Charity runner and fundraiser Steve says:

    "Did 13 miles training yesterday - time was 1hr 38mins 54 secs The Skins legging were very good indeed, my legs were not at all as tired and they should have been for that time."

    Some info below provided by www.evolutionsports.co.uk

    SportSkins Compression Leggings are ground breaking body-moulded gradient compression performance equipment with built-in BioAcceleration Technology which will enhance your performance in trianing, competition and recovery and give you an edge over your rivals. Developed by leading sports physicians through years of independent scientific and medical research. Skins BioAcceleration Technology is the market leader in compression wear.

    • Increases venous return by 31%

    • Reduces post-exercise muscle soreness

    • Removes lactic acid faster

    • Increases time to exhaustion by 30%

    • Increases strength and power by 15%

    • Increases endurance by 15%

    • Improves body temperature control

    • Decreases flight leg oedema
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Wanna bet that ChrisJP has no relation in any way with evolutionsports and that he joined this forum for the same reason as all of us?[sm=rolleyes.gif][:D]
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Or maybe ChrisJP'srealname is 'Shoesnew**'![8D][:D]
  • The article on compression clothing in 220 seemed to me to suggest that beyond compression socks, the benefits were not soundly demonstrated.
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