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Calling all women triatheletes.

I'm training for my first triathlon and it is beginning to hit me how different doing three events is from just doing one, and all the planning that needs to go into the transition.

So my question for the women is: I may only ever do this one tri and none of my friends are into it, so I don't want to spend a fortune buying kit and I have nobody to borrow it from. The tri I am doing is pool based so I don't need a wet suit, but what do I do about a sports bra? I am too big to run without one, but the ones I have are made of very thick material so will soak up the water if I wear them in the pool.

If I decide that I enjoy tris then I will be willing to buy kit in the future but at the moment I am looking for the cheap option.


  • Hi Caz Although Im not female I thought Id add my tuppence worth by saying, would a decent sports bra not be a good investment anyway? Even if you are only doing one tri (which Im 99% sure will turn into 3,4...etc) I assume you will carry on running for fitness and and reap the benefit of comfort.

  • Sorry, I didn't make myself clear. I have loads of sports bras because I have been running for years, but I don't think that they will be comfortable to swim in because they will probably rub at the arms. They will also hold the water because they are made of thick material, and this might be uncomfortable during the bike and run and lead to chafing.
  • BoycieBoycie Posts: 189

    check out the latest edition of 220 (issue 215), they had a tri specific sports bra in the product test. It may be good enough to get you started before you want to spend a fortune on kit, which you will.

  • Thanks Boycie. I'll buy it when I'm in town at the weekend and have a look. Hope it's not too late to add something to my Christmas list.
  • ruthruth Posts: 3

    It was my first year doing tri this year, so i didn't want to fork out for loads of stuff, i got a tri suit off the net and wore a shock absorber bra underneath it it seemed to work fine as there is no way i can run without a bra! The only thing was i think the clorine wasn't great for the bra.

    Hope this helps

  • pigletpiglet Posts: 86
    Hi supercaz

    I use an Asics sports bra -with cross over straps. It is cut so that arms are free and I haven't had chaffing even after an ocean swim with all that salt. It's made of a lycra type mix so it dries pretty quick. I would suggest go for a bra that has cross- over straps as they tend to keep fabric/seams away from that sensitive inner arm and outer breast area. Use loads of vaseline as well as it'll stop most of the chaffing. Definitely don't go without one or the run will be dire! Good luck!
  • pacmanpacman Posts: 109
    hey sam you might find this helpful
  • Cheers, i have some good options


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