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dolphin mp3 players-are they any good?

[8|] read in newest edition of 220 triathlon mag about the new waterproof, mp3 player, ideal for swimming laps with- is called a dolphin and is made by new universe-retails at 69.99.

i was thinking of maybe spending some of xmas dosh on one of these babies-am getting so bored in pool doing laps and not being able to hear any music!

has anyone got one or got any comments as to if this gadget is any use before i maybe waste my money!![:)]


  • Hi Dee Im sure somewhere in the archives of this forum there was a thread about training with mp3s. Some for and some against. Depending on what type of swimmer you are (and if you're into music at 120bpm or not so as not to hold everyone up lol[:D]) ie if you are just learning technique Id say leave the mp3 out as Id imagine it would take you're mind off stroke etc very easily.
  • LuckyLucky Posts: 137
    I have an old shuffle which goes into an H2Oaudio case, which works for me, even though I'm going through the process of re-learning my stroke, I spend longer in the pool with the music in the background, so it helps...
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