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bike dilemma!!!

2.5yrs ago, i bought a brand new raleigh freeride (full sus)-cost £240)-has suntour disc brakes etc.

i wanted a middle of range mtb-so i could bike off-road, when weather too bad for road bike.

thought that i paid a decent amount for what i wanted to do with it (forest trails)[&:]

anyway, it has needed 2 new chains, a new casette, new e z fire gears, new crank shaft, in this period of time- and cost me another £200 plus for the work and parts![&o]

this weekend, my hubby has noticed there is too much play in the front forks, and there is a horrendous crunching coming from the crank again- my hubby thinks it will need to go back to bike hospital for emergency surgery-again!!![X(]

i think i look after my bike- and dont abuse it! it is cleaned and oiled every time its used, and its serviced every year!

my dilemma is- 1) do i get it fixed AGAIN!, and pay a fortune?

2) do i just buy a new mtb- (i have seen a giant hardtail-boulder i think!-last years stock- £197- rrp £240

3) do i convert my 1year old, 21 speed (tube shifters), road bike into a cyclo cross bike, ( i use it for turbo sessions)- and if this would be the best option-how do i go about it? do i just need new wheels and tyres? or do u need new forks as well?

i am at my wits end....and my marriage is being put under strain!!! my family dont understand why i have 3 bikes- you can only ride one at a time!![:(]


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    sfullersfuller Posts: 628
    i would try and spend a little more if poss..... but if not, the new bike everytime.
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    jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    You might find that trying to convert a normal cycle to one of the cyclo cross versions might not be economical.So given the options available,buy similar bike to the one you have and cannabalise the old bike for spares as and when neccessary.Also buy book on cycle maintenance and practice on your old bike as you take it apart.Regards.
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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Buy the new bike the old one is bust beyond repair and at an educated guess there may not be bona fide spares available for it. The conversion will not work as a cyclo cross bike has different geometry to a road bike - it has a higher bottom bracket, it uses cantilver brakes, it has a different bottom bracket width to take a different sized chainset. Futhermore an old steel? road bike will have unapparent/invisible fissures and weaknesses in the frame and at the fork crown and may fail & break ("catastrophically your honour") if you take it out on a trail. Buy the new bike
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    gaterz1981gaterz1981 Posts: 233
    i purchased myself a giant rincon as a cheap off road bike and after many accidents its fine, been going strong for couple years. The only thing i have renewed on it was the rear mech hanger.....courtesy of my nuts and a tree.
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    dee999dee999 Posts: 41
    [;)]thanx guys!!

    i went ahead and ordered the new bike!- its a giant boulder trail 08 from ash cycles.com, £196.99 (rrp £275.00), i read reviews on it, and they all seem good( have bought a bike from this company before, and were very impressed with service!)[:D]
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    krazycalkrazycal Posts: 45
    Iwould also say buy a new bike but try and go cyclocross as if you are going on forrest trails then this should be enough but you will notice the difference over the hardtail on the road. Also try to max your budget as in this price range you get alot more bike for the money. I hope this helps.

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