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Bike Type for ironman?

Hey All.

Im a newbie to the whole triathlon thing, and made it through year 1 with a very basic entry level bike. I'm planning on doing maybe 3 or half irons in 08, along with a few olympics, but am really aiming for a full ironman either late next year or early 09.

My question is this: Which is better for the long distance rides? A well specced road bike or a more aero tri bike?

I can only really afford one new race bike, although I'm also going to upgrade the groupset on my current bike. This means that I cant get a road bike for my ironman and a tri bike for the shorter races. What to do?... what to do.......?


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    hey, it really depends on what else u are going to do with ur bike. becasause i have a road bike and due put aero bars on for the event. this does me well as the aero posistion on a bike can cause saw backs if u cycle alot. but what ever suits u. i reccoemnd finding a bike shop that allows you to take a bike out on a big ride then u can make ur decision. but what ever suits u
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    jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    hey Delboyl

    I've been doing triathlons for 3 years with the same entry level bike (trek 1000) and i am doing ironman uk in 2008 as well as some sprint, olympic and half ironman distance races. i will be using my same bike. i'm going to be using the same bike, but i will be upgrading parts. everything i've read about ironman seems to say it doesnt really matter what bike you've got as long as you're comfortable cos it's a long old ride!

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    Would second coneheads point of view, am doing IMUk next year and have just bought a Planet X TT with full ultegra spec. After my battered road bike it is a dream, the aero position os not as tough to get used to as it sounds and if you get the fit done well, can actually be more 'comfortable' than normal road bike
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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    amen to that, conehead and of the night.

    I'll thirde that, am planning to get a planet X ride too.

    I'm already throwing some lines out for my 30th birthday next year, hope they notice it[>:][8D]
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