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Moving from sprints to standard distance tri's.

I've just completed my first standard distance tri and I have to honest going from sprints to standard was a bit of a shock to the system. I found the swim and bike ok but hit the wall on the run. I was expecting a test but the jump up, I thought, was a much larger gulf than I was expecting. Anyone else find this?

The conditions were difficult with very strong winds but I really struggled on the run. I've been clocking some decent sprint times and got in at 2.45 today so not too bad but I thought I'd be a bit quicker. Does it get easier?

Anyway, be nice to hear anyone else's experiences

Cheers Phil


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    transittransit Posts: 163
    Phil, I know what you mean. With sprint tri's it's about an hours exercise and I find you can just go for it pretty flat out knowing that it's not that long. I think the thing with the std distance is that you have to have a pacing strategy. Also, the run is that much longer that it can affect the rest of the race. It will get easier, especially if you work out what HR you can complete the standard distance in and still have a strong run.
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    jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    try to hold back a bit on the swim and ride in an oly distance race, so you have more energy in reserve for the run. the race you did wasnt the harwich oly distance yesterday was it? if so, dont feel too bad, the run was really hard for everyone! well, everyone except the winner who didnt even look like he had broken into a sweat when he crossed the finish line!![:(]
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    Phil TPhil T Posts: 49
    Thanks for that guys I feel more relaxed. I actually remember feeling the same sort of thing on my first sprint tri. I hated it and was really unhappy with my time. I remember speaking with a friend after and telling him I had to get 30 minutes off that time. I managed that so my aim is with oly distance is to shave off 15 mins and get around the illusive 2.30 maybe. Age may have something to say about that though

    It was the South Cerney tri and it was really good. The wind was close to gale force which made it difficult but still enjoyable. First one done. Bournemouth and Eton next.

    Thanks again for the advice. Will take things much easier on the bike and swim next time

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