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Just wanted to say hi to everyone on the site, been reading the posts over the last couple of weeks and found the site really helpful. Only decided to do a triathlon 3 weeks ago to try and get fit and ive really caught the tri-bug!

The running (6 runs a week) and swimming (3 swims a week) is going fairly well but the bike is another matter, I have a backround in athletics (10km in 30:16) and used to swim competively when i was 16 (100m in 58secs). Im really struggling on the bike but i love a challenge, im cycling 3 times a week on an old mountain bike and im out for 1hr 15mins each time, ive just ordered a Giant scr 1.5 bike to help keep me motivated. Any suggestions on how i could improve my cycling would be really appreciated.

Ive always thought about doing a triathlon and now really chuffed that ive taken the plunge, may 10th is the big day and im already getting nervous, any advice on how to make it go as smoothly as possible would be great.



  • learnerlearner Posts: 100
    Welcome form another novice,

    my background is on a bike more than the swimming and running, there have been some realy useful hint and tips in 220 magazine over the last couple of months on getting your bike set up in relation to saddle hieght and position, once you've got it comfortable all I can say is start getting the miles in. Sounds like you have a really good basic fitness level with those times so just get pedalling, I like to throw in loads of hills on my rides, not too hard living on the Cornish boarder, but just keep it comfortable for the first few weeks.

    Good luck for May.

  • CalimaCalima Posts: 35
    The most important thing is to enjoy your first race, do it with an open mind, not " I want to win attitude" but "I want to finish". You dont need to be running 6 times a week, especially if you come from a run background. It sounds like your limiter is the bike, so I would suggest cutting back on your runs & up the biking. You do not mention which race you are doing in May or what distance, but i am sure you will have a great day, and like most people get the bug!
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