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Zipp 808 Clincher Rear Wheel. Shimano

First I am a genuine triathlete selling a tri items. Google me if in doubt (Stephen Mavin)

I have recently bought a Zipp 404 with Powertap. As I like training and racing with power, even though the 808 is more aero it never gets used. I really want to buy a Zipp 900 disk with Powertap hub.

This rear wheel is a very good allrounder for triathlons and in great condition. This is a review by cyling weekly

In conclusion...

The wheels tested remained true after some battering on poor roads. Although maybe not ideal for gale-force conditions, simply swapping out the front wheel for one with a lower profile would remedy that while leaving you with a fast rear wheel

Rating: [color=#cd0909]10/10[/color]

It was bought as a 606 set in Aug 2006. It has the 2007 graphics and is the exact same spec as the 2008 wheel with silver graphics.

It got used for two races in 2006 and five races last season. All were sprint distance except two. With warm ups and things I estimate it has covered about 150 to 200 miles maximum.

Before the start of this season I had it upgraded with Ceramic Speed bearings so it spins forever. It has not been ridden more than round the block since though as I have been using the 404.

The only visible marks on the wheel are on the free hub from the cassette which apparently is normal as the free hub metal is softer than the Cassette ring metal. This can be replaced but does not need replacing. My 404 had the same marks after my first ride!

It can be viewed, or I can send detailed photos.

Current cost is £775.00 On Wiggle.

The 4 bearing upgrade cost £100 through David Jack at Active Life Logistics. Still have the perfect condition Zipp bearings too!

Had advertised for £500 plus postage but dropping to £425

Contact Stephen on 07767637357 or email [[email protected]][email protected][/email] work email.

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