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Just did my first OD tri last weekend. My road touring cycling shoes (recessed in the show clip) really impact my T1 time (an awful 5:12 min!), and I saw others with tri shoes that were much quicker. Question... I am not sure how much time is saved by clipping shoes to the bike and running bare foot to the mount line... question, are there any shoes that are tri but also recessed clips? Sorry if I am not using the right terms... 





  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    H2, many shoes have wo bolt recessed cleats. They are more practical for mountain bikers and touring cyclists where users expect to do a fair amount of walking while wearing them. The pedals are usually referred to as mountain bike pedals and the shoes are usually quite heavy. They are OK to run in

    The tri shoes you refer to with two or three bolt cleats that stick out from the shoe are derived from road cycling shoes where any walking is very limited. They are awkward to run in

    The shoes you need for tri should allow your feet to slide in easily either in T1 or if attached to the pedals after the mount line. They should fasten sucurely and quickly so velcro wins out over laces. Approaching T2 they should be easy to unfasten and easy to slip your feet out of and on top of before dismounting. Beyond that the cleats don't matter

    Shoes clipped onto the pedals can save around 10 seconds in T1 but most triathletes I see at the mount line waste that time with poorly executed mounts and some injuries. If you do go clipped in make sure you practice and are safe before using in races. Slipping feet out before dismounting is eaily learned
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