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Tri wetsuits

I???m trying to decide if I need a full pro thermal for an Olympic Tri. Or, should I stick with the maverick X that has more speed? I???ve only used skin suits so far. Not really sure. I???m swimming in 55 F now to 78 F in July. Thank you for your time and consideration. -Dr Bill


  • grakaygrakay Posts: 16

     You aren't going to get a much quicker suit than the Maverick X and on the day of the race, there won't be many people who could afford the luxury of a thermal suit, so they will be in normal ones.  55 degrees isn't too low and 78 is positively tropical!

    I have a Helix wetsuit and also the thermal version. I would be using the thermal now as it's only 50 degrees in the sea where I live. If your event is at 78 degrees, wetsuits will be banned in any case! The thermal suit is defo slower than the normal one. Good luck in your event

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