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How Much Speed Can I Buy??

Hi all,

I'm pretty new to tri. last season was my first but i'm hooked already. By bike is a Giant SCR 4 '07(Compact Chainset) with clip on aerobars added, mavic open pro's added and thats pretty much it really!!! Pretty crap i know but i took no advice when buying it and just went to the first bikeshop and bought the cheapest racer!!!! I'm going to upgrade my bike over the winter...carbon hopefully. I'm wondering how much speed i can hope to gain if any by upgrading my bike?? My best Oly clcle this season was 1:16. I know it'll take training to really improve but how much help can i buy???


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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    hi trihard,

    hate to spoil it for ya,but the speed you can buy is really limited if you already have aero-bars.

    I suppose the biggest gains are made bytraining. People always talk about their bike weighing 7 kilo 8 kilo,....

    They don't talk about theirbody that's actually 5 kilo overweight or so. Myself , I ride a ridley, which tips the scales at 10.5 kilo,istack it ona race with spare tyres, pump, co2, 1litre of drinks in 2 bottle cages,... Not exactly a lightweight bike , you know.

    But I'm sure all together with my bike and everything, we tip of at no more then 75 kilo.

    Of courseyou can buy carbon upgrades, aero wheels,... which is great,but you'll get a lot more improvement(and a lot cheaper) by other things than these things.
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    hey u can but about 3 minutes of your time if you remove ur bottles of the stem of the bike. i suggest u buy a profile degisn aero bottle that u put between ur aero bars. u can a beeter speed than not having one at all also getting bottle holders of ur seat post

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