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Talkback: How to build swim strength and stay injury free

Is it just me that thinks that the frequent articles which list exercises and drills but with no photos or diagrams are a waste of time.


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Not just you. Also accompanying photos and diagrams often coflict with the text. However, there is no real evidence that building strength dry-side improves swimming performance. What the scientific research shows is it may or it may not

    If you are having shoulder problems etc why not go to a swim coach who is able to actually help you improve your swim technique? One who not only sets drills but explains why they are good and corrects you until they are done properly. That is to remove the problem rather than try and paint over it. To build swim fitness by swimming properly

    If you want to improve your movement skills and strength dry-side then go to yoga classes. A Sun Salutation sequence has 28 movements for example
  • do you exercise in the sea or in swimming pool?

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