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Garmin 305

Hi All,

A cry for help from all garmin 305 owners!

Whenever i try to transfer info from my garmin to my laptop it keeps telling my device isn't connected when it clearly is! Is this likely to be a problem with my garmin or laptop?

I will be forever in your debt if someone would kindly offer me some helpful tips on this matter as the manual and website are not very helpful.




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    chischis Posts: 94
    Hi Bristol

    Had the same problem as you when I sent my Garmin 301 off for a replacement under warranty. When the new one came back I kept getting the same message as you seem to be getting. You have the more up to date Garmin and probably slightly different software so the solution that I found may not suit exactly so I will tell you how I found the solution to my problem.

    I tried all the advice in the manual and failed and then e-mailed the Technical Help link at Garmin.com who put me in touch with a guy called Andy Phillips who e-mailed me a list of things to do on my computer - you need to let him know what operating system you are using (e.g Windows XP, Windows Vista etc) and what version of Control Center software you have. His e-mail address is [email=andy.phillips@garmin.com]andy.phillips@garmin.com[/email]

    Hope this helps


    PS. If you don't get any joy I will give you the detail of what I did using my 301 and Windows 2000.
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    Thanks for the help Chis,

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