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focus cayo 2007 or Izalco?

I'm currently searching for a new bike with a budget of £900...£1000 at a push.

I'm torn between 2 focus bikes, the izalco tri bike and last years cayo...

Do i go for the lighter bike or the most specific bike?

220 gave both bikes excellent reviews so either would be an improvment on

2006 specilized allez sport i'm currently using..... i dont want any regrets afterwards!

any suggestions? Are there other bikes i should be looking at?

I'd really appreciate some advice,



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    I guess it's down to what you want to use the bike for. The cayo would be the more versatile choice.
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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
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    I can maybe help make your decision a little easier...

    Unless the S, XS or XXS frames fits you the 2007 version of the Cayo is out of stock - Izalco tri it is!

    I've had the same problem - looks like you have to be ready early in the sales to get the bargains!
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