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  • My first race is next week so that makes it 33. They put me in the Vets class. How rude.[:(]

    I've entered the Upton Tri next weekend and the Malmesbury Tri in August.
  • bathtub wrote:

    Age 31, first tri was the Rotherham Tri in1987, Brought a brand new Raleigh bike especially for Tri cost about £150 from Kays mail order catalogue(monthly repayments), I put yellow handlebar tape and a yellow seat cover on, thought it looked the dogs b**ll**s, Remember taking a mars bar for race nutrition and actually got off the bike to take the mars bar out of the saddle pack to eat, went the wrong way on the course and ended up back at transition so went back out to ride the correct route. Finished just about last, But I was hooked.

    Come a long way since then, now ride a Planet X stealth with zipps also a pinarello, have represented GB 6 times over the past 3 years and just came back from Canada Worlds with a bronze medal.

    Its taken 21 years though.

    well done you, there is hope for us then.

    congrats on the bronze

  • bryanbryan Posts: 45
    I've talked about doing tri for years. Iam now 29 and plan on completing my first olympic b4 my 30th. But have signed up for an sprint event in August to start me off. Been training for 21/2 months so still not officially a triathlete.
  • I started this year aged 41.

    Nearly 30 years of playing football, a bit of marathon running, hit 40 and needed a new challenge.

    First event was Thames Turbo 1 in freezing weather incl. sleet.

    Second event was Blenheim in 27 degree heat

    Third event was at Ongar in a gale.

    BUT....I love it and wish I'd got into it sooner. Only downside is the cost as there's always some new shiny gadget to order from Wiggle and boring all loved one's and workmates with tri talk.

    I agree - triathletes are very welcoming.

    I also can't believe how many good athletes there are in my age group. Bopomofo - I note your post about looking forward to the 40-44 age group but trust me it's ultra competitive in here as well[;)]
  • Free WillyFree Willy Posts: 63
    41 - just finished my seventh season.

    Started in the novice events and then some sprints for 1st couple of seasons, then OD and HIM in 3rd season, finally worked out after 4 years I was not getting any faster (swimming/running) and made a decision to only to do longer events HIM/IM at least this way I do get value for money and I do catch a few up towards the end (not many!). In the HIM/IM it is very sociable at the back of the pack and you tend to see the same people most years and I find it a lot more enjoyable, why spend a fair amount of money for an hour or so when for a bit more you can have half a day or a days worth of pleasure/pain (both of these come into play for HIM/IM!)


  • gaterz1981gaterz1981 Posts: 233
    26- Did my first novice event this year, came 3rd for age category.

    Plan on doing a sprint event next year. Am hopefully going to join a Tri club next season and will take it from there.
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Hey Harlow... I know what you mean about the age groups. Really I'm aiming to get my first medal in the 60+ group.

    It always seems to me that there are two groups who seem to do well in the age group races - either the young guys up to about 25 or the hard old B*stards in the 35-45 groups who have been running and biking since they were about 3.

    Oh well, maybe next life....
  • You're spot on Bopomofo.

    In the events I've done the general standard of the 35 to 45 age group(s) seems to be higher than the 25 to 35 bracket. I too was hoping my high level of general fitness for a vet might lead to Tri glory but alas it doesn't seem to be.

    I can get in the top quarter at most events in my age group but I'm miles off the best.

    I did come in 5th place OVERALL !!!! in a novices sprint last time out but it was only open to those with less than 3 triathlons behind them and as it was my 3rd I doubt I'll ever get anywhere near to such a high finish[:o].

    I guess the great thing about tri & duathlons is the battle we rage against our own PB's and targets. I'm after sub 1.25 at the London Sprint and sub 2.50 in my first Olympic in September. If I hit those targets it wouldn't matter if I ended last - I'd be delighted.
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