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race fuel advice!

Hi all,

what dietry/fuelling strategies do you follow? I'm never quite sure what is the best complex carbs to take on board the night before and in the morning! any suggestion wise people?

Also what and when do you take both prior to the race and during the race?

The reason i ask is because my target race is London sprint and I wanna get everything right or close to spot on atleast!!!

I have Bath sprint a couple of weeks before and was gonna experiment a little there.

Any ideas would be most welcome indeed,

Thanks, Lee[:D]


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    MGMG Posts: 470
    A few days before the event you'll want to load up on carbs, the sort of things I like are chilli con carni, like this as its rice (good carb) and kidney beans (good carb), baked potatoes, and everyones favourite, pasta. Having a massive bowl of pasta the night before a race DOES NOT constitute carb loading, it has to be done over the course of a few days.

    On the day before the race I generaly eat a few smaller meals. Hydration is paramount as london is usualy a hot race. So keep well hydrated on the days before.

    Morning of the race its two bananas and 500ml of SIS psp22 for me, but others like toast and jam or honey. Something your familour with, its not a good idea to try something radical on the morning of the race!!

    Good luck, and have a good race!!!
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    notmilknotmilk Posts: 35
    I'm sure others will be along to say:



    ETA: this is how the canadians say "porridge" [:D]
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    Thanks for the tips you suggested all my favorite dishes, I love chilli con carne and baked potatoes!

    thanks, Lee[:D]
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