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MGMG Posts: 470
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    Hi MG, thanks for giving some structure to the turbo sessions. Have they worked for you?

    I have tried the strength one, in a fashion. Changed down a gear each minute and then back up again. Based on your post should I add in recovery time between changes?

    Do you think watching Lord of the Rings on DVD while doing a session is not taking things seriously enough, at least it makes me pedal faster when those Orc's are chasing!

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    MGMG Posts: 470
    ..........well, the recovery on the strength session is just changing up to an easier gear, which, as you go down the cogs through the session gets fairly tough and dosnt offer much respite. But thats the idea..........its supossed to be tough [;)].

    Yes these are good sessions and couple these with a nice (whatever your distance being) long ride per week will see you improve. Watching films whilst turbo-ing does make the time pass but I find having a good motivating playlist on my iPod is MILES better for concentration.

    Good luck
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    ooo this makes me want to get a turbo trainer!
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    ironkavironkav Posts: 259
    cheers for the info..

    Ill use this as a basis for the spinervals ive ordered
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    shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408

    So got my bike hooked up to my turbo and thought I'm going to give these sessions a try. I've known for a while that I need to develop my strength and endurance so I've planned to bring these into the training plan. I don't have a bike computer that measure cadence so I had to rely on good old fashioned counting to make sure I had the rpm at the right tempo.

    I just got my bike computer today so I also can't say what my general average speed is.

    However, can I just say that I got the shock of my tri life when trying to work through the session for strength and power. I couldn't finish it, I was covered in sweat and bloody well knackered but the first time I enjoyed being on the turbo. It was if I had a focused training session and something to aim for.

    Are these session going to raised my lactate thereshold so that I can cycle for longer or will the general long ride sessions help with this?

    On another note, I read in one oy old issues of 220 that when running I should be looking to raise the intensity in order to raise the lactate thershold, so when I'm out running I generally use the running track take 400m at gentle pass and then sprint 400m and I try and keep this up for about 8k. When I first started I couldn't past 4k so I'm getting there but I still find myself wanting to stop quite a lot when I'm running, I generally feel as though I've got nothing left in my legs after about 2k. This still happens when I'm not doing the sprints.

    Any advice?

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    jacjac Posts: 452

    What distance are you training for and what's your target time?

    How often do you do those intervals? What's your pace for the 400m sprints?

    What other run training are you doing?

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    shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    My main aim is get my sprint time down to 1hr 20 and to be as close to the 2hr mark for an olympic distance. I'm working my way up to olympic gradually.

    My interval training is done on a Tues and Thurs night. I was bored last night so I jumped on the turbo to pass some time.

    I generally try and run 400mm in approx 2mins and then sprint 400m then recovery. This continues to as close to 8k as I can get.

    I do brick session on a sat where I use the turbo and then go for a 5kish cross country. Then on Sunday is my long session cycle ride.

    Generally monday and weds are now my rest days and if I'm struggling then Friday is taken as well.

    My main problem is endurance/ stamina. I forwhatever reason can last a decent pace running for 2k and then its downhill and this problem is transferred into the tri event. Thats why I thought it best to focus on trying to build enduracne and stamina but I don't know if I'm doing the right thing or not.
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    jacjac Posts: 452
    Hi Shadowone,

    Sorry I meant what's your target time for the run section?

    Personally speaking for my run training I do one longer run at a steady-slowish pace, one shorter race pace run and one intervals session. I generally do the shorter race pace run following a bike.

    For example I'm training for sprint distance so I do a longer run up to about 6-7 miles..not worried about pace it's more about putting distance/time into my legs.

    My shorter race pace run will be 20 mins. And then my intervals - I do 400s and 600s. My target pace for a race is 4mins per k, so I try and run the intervals around the 3.40/k mark, with 400m slow jog as recovery after each one. I usually warm up with 2k run before starting the intervals and likewise finish with the same.

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