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Thoughts on Creativity

Hi all--I'm brand new here, but just wanted to mention that my article, "Simplify" appears in their new "Creativity Workshop" column, in the December issue of Watercolor Magic. (I used to have a regular creativity column there, so you can tell this whole idea is close to my heart!)


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    Whats that go to do with triathlon???
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    Perhaps you could have a joint discussion (in private) with 'advan' about creation and creativity?!

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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    I guess the name '220 triathlon forum' is not clear enough. Not that some people are not welcome here, but you really need to make tri-related threads, otherwise we will have call it 'just another forum'. Ford, feel free to post here, but make it clear to us what the triathlon-link is.[;)]
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