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Turbo Trainer recommendations

I'm just about to prepare my list for Santa and want to put a turbo trainer on it. Are there any recommendations? Thinking of spending up to £250 (if I can get away with it!)


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    Managed to get a spinning bike on ebay for 70 quid. I cant stand having to set the bloody turbo up and saves on the wear of the chain, cassette etc. You should be able to get a really good turbo for that sort of price. It seems that if you add a power meter onto it it quadruples the price. Cjeck out the ones that you can attach to the computer, they come with programs that you can take part in a bike race, that seems a bit more stimulating than watching Battlestar Gallactica while you are riding into the ether!
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    Just to add to the query, I'm looking at trainers just now (as the weather gets worse and worse), and I'm tempted by the CycleOps Fluid 2 - only I'm put off by the progressive resistance.

    My experience of progressive resistance bikes (in gyms admittedly) is that the faster you cycle the more resistance you get, so you can't practice hard fast spins.

    Does anyone know if this is the case for the Fluid 2 too? Or does the Power band thingy somehow fix this?
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    pigletpiglet Posts: 86
    I have a cycle ops fluid 2. First turbo I have ever owned so can't compare. However I did a lot of fast (up to 120 rpm) spin sessions with no problems- in fact it let me do anything I wanted- high or low cadence pretty much as good as spin bike at gym- but more comfortable because I was using my own road bike not a generic spin bike. I am pretty light and not particularly powerful so don't know how a very strong male would find it at the high gear, low cadence "muscling it out" type sessions. But my husband used it for those without any problem. See if the shop will let you set it up for a go before you buy
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    Thanks Piglet.

    That's good to know as I'm now the owner of a Fluid 2 (good ole Ebay!). I haven't tried using it yet, but plan to over the weekend. Yay no more cold wet windy cycling....who am I kidding it's like that all year!!
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